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Here I keep learnings regarding Cameron Herold mentorship.

Tue Mar 28, 2017



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Tue Feb 28, 2017

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Note on event promo video, cost was $2k -

Went over projections:


Wed Feb 1, 2017

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Dec 20, 2016

Wed Sep 14, 2016

Sile is interested in 6 month immersion. We discussed raising the $30k for the year of that immersion experience. 6 months on site, including running workshops together. Then getting certified by running a workshop event independently. OSE serves as the publicity and continued learning/instructionals production/prototyping to make everything happen. Summary of today: (1) getting serious about recruiting a la Rare Genomics Institute. (2) Preparing SME recruiting for Immersion Training Program. (3) Distributive Enterprise development.

September Session Prep

The working question right now is still about developing the technology and the immersion curriculum. To main challenges are: development of curriculum; hiring a support person for the workshop organization and maintenance; prepare workshop training; training the workshop training person; part organization in the workshop using existing boxes and labeling everything; so recruiting a support person would also be the critical thing. If we want to back from a 3 year Vivid Vision - how do we do it? Facility: cleaning up the facility, preparing it for the students. Outsourcing various support. Site maintenance. Maybe discuss all the resource constraints of setting up that operation. HR for recruiting Development Teams. Set up operations for recruiting etc. Site prep, workshop prep, curriculum development, scaling workshops, etc. Start with CEB Press. Simple buildings. Confusion. Because at all points it's about moving away from the tradition cost model to an asset model - by integration, we get to invert the situation of costs into assets. And because we are into creating the next economy, with empowered human relations - we don't promote just having dumbed-down jobs. So there is some thinking involved about how to structure things in a more integrated way. For one, the infrastructure organization has to be super lean to be efficient. And long lasting so things are solid for a long time without maintenance, otherwise we are setting ourselves up for a cost trap. Integrated design takes a bit of thinking - designing all program elements and then thinking carefully on how to achieve them - starting with basic goals, purpose, and vision. Zoom Meeting ID 121-277-941

August Session, 2016

The idea behind corporate team building is that we treat it as just another client search - could be one or multiple teams at one event - so we market it as if we are marketing to normal people. $17k for 1 day, $25k for 2 days. Put it on Eventbrite, or any place like that. It could even be mixed normal participants + corporate team building, though it's not clear how to mix the different price structures for each type of audience.

Aug 10, 2016

Talked to Lesa Mitchell, who pointed out 'pull' strategies for immersion training program - make sure candidate is well supported by their community elsewhere - with land, capital, human resources, product pull, etc. Second - maybe accept people in pairs to make life easier according to agile/scrum. Third - use Y-Combinator model - create curriculum as you create the course. Paid in our case, as opposed to YC - because we don't take 7% later.

July Session Prep

Explore in-depth the phasing into the immersion program. How to phase I to it? Smaller workshops? Start with bacjyard studios? Mix of workshops, extending i to the deeper experience? Or, simply identify the Workshop as a 'charity' that rich people sign up for? No idea what will work, have to test it until it sticks.

June 2016 Session

I proposed a vivid vision where we have student immersion 6 months as our main product, with $5k revenue per month, $3k from tuition and $2k from workshops. Double every year from there. Cameron thinks this is too much to ask - start with upping the tuition for our regular workshops - to $1500 for the Aquaponics event, to show a do just model there, so it takes off on Financial sustainability. My response is that this would not be scalable, so we have to test this.'

Mon May 9, 2016

Putting notes on calendar instead of on list is working great, so great that I vexed Catarina insisting that she do it as well.

Sun May 8, 2016

Today I started disusing lists, and writing down items in a calendar instead. This appears to be a major breakthrough - in that my journal contains many lists that do not have a reality filter. The difference is that instead of writing down a bunch of things, which can very easily become unaccountable and too high in the air, the calendar for forces a reality of time constraints upon anything that I do. It injects brilutal honesty on my capacities. This also allows me to be very focused on the top priority tasks such that I don't do unnecessary things, and it helps me to focus on genius tasks, and outsourcing of anything that does not require genius. The other point of the. Calendar is the psychology of lists: uncompleted lists cause a psychological dissonance according to psychologists - while a calendar task is typically more specific, and more likely to get completed. See

Sat May 7, 2016

Cameron responded why 3 Year Painted Picture is 3 years. 2 years is too close to the present, and 5 gets to be too far too vet somebody excited about it. So 3 is the right mix - can't be too close to uninspired, and it can't be too far so people can't look that far. 3 years is a long time, but not too long.

May 2016 Session

I brought Cameron up to speed on the status of the project. Very exciting start. Conclusion is what is the Vivid vision 3 year plan to excite everyone on OSE.