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carlyn ! <> to date Sun, Nov 23, 2008 at 8:56 PM subject Hi New Friend! mailed-by


I am Veryyyy happy to learn about you and your projects!!

Lu & Ruth Starwind of Pennsdale, PA have told me about you, and I've been eager to absorb all that you envision..... it is refreshing to dream so deep and wide. thank you~*

Brittany has been seeking dedicated co-creators and I am here to say that our winter plans will be sure to weave in these dreams. My husband and I, newly wed by Right Rev. Ruth, operate a small construction business, focused on sustainabilty and local green resources. We will go from where we are, with a small mortgage and home to improve, planning for a baby, and 3 dogs. Lets talk and write about how we can help co-create!

My formal education has been in archaeology, to study and perpetuate the old ways. I earned my degree in Hawaii, from UH Hilo. I have studied and worked in California, Washington, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Similarly to you and many wise people out there, I found the standard jobs to be unfulfilling and ignorant of the urgent human crisis: innovation without super vision. My magnum opus is to have a Thriving School.

Please call or write soon~*

570-478-2342 11713 Wallis Run Road Trout Run, PA 17771

Love Carlyn

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