Carpentry 101

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  • Screw penetration depth. When you could sink 0.5". Thin part of siding vs thick - thin has less meat - don't do it. Countersink Max allowable depth.
  • Minimum screw penetration depth - half of wood thickness.
  • Straightening wood.
  • How to suck in screws or lag bolts. Oversize predrill.
  • Predrill vs not.
  • General rule for lag bolt predrill.
  • How to knock in post bases. Soften with water. Need to hold post somehow. Bang on metal, not wood - why?
  • Straightening wood - pipe clamps, c clamps, screws, bolts, by hand, screw clamp force.
  • Other than this - it's just cutoff and cordless circular and reciprocating saw.