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Tue Aug 18, 2020

  • For a mental exercise on how much effort it takes to market - we did full time marketing throughout the campaign, and major media every other day - and we had Kickstarter featuring us - and even then - we got a total of 75 people signing up for the Seed Eco-Home and Aquaponic Greenhouse - and at $600 and not $2500. MJ sez - but the offer is much more substantial now. C sez - but in the eye of participants, they were also about 'getting close to a seed home back then'. For the aquaponic greenhouse, they were definitely hoping to replicate.
  • Also, the guys who teach framing in Maine - $1000 for a week. How many do they run a year? Comparison for how big market is.
  • Install confidence, without having people think it's too easy. Perfect balance.
  • Few people will have energy to persist at making the modules? That is a critical part.
  • Read some book that desribes the first-hand experience of the psychology of house building. It's an epic thing, not something done while you are filing your nails.
  • Shed market is huge. But there are 2 types - kit shed - and the ones from Home Depot that come with installation. CM suspects that the ones that sell are finished. But you still break the egg- your ground will have to be level.
  • XE is a bad name, too technical. Call it something that the majority will like (Owner Builders, not Entrepreneurs). Entrepreneurs give this the power, but the Owner Builders are the majority of the clients.