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Cats are friends of people and of farms

Cat Diet

  • An ideal diet for a cat would be five-to-six mice per day- Doctor of Veterinary Medicine - [1]
  • Neither dry kibble nor canned food comes close to mimicking a cat’s normal diet of mice, birds, rabbits, etc. -
  • in the wild, cats would not eat only mice. They would also eat chickens, birds, rabbits and other rodents, as well as the occasional bug. These other protein sources form a well-rounded diet for cats. - [2]
  • Because modern cat owners are rather turned off by the idea of serving their feline companions four or five mice each every day, I made it my motto to “reinvent the mouse” with meats and supplements for ultimate feline nutrition. The raw meat diet resulting from my efforts offers a practical and satisfactory alternative to the cat’s natural diet of prey.-[3]
  • From Cat Diet for Dummies - If cats ran the pet-food industry, the recipe for a good, nutritious meal would read as follows:"Take one small mouse from the freezer. Thaw. Put in a blender and hit frappé. Serve at feline body temperature on a clean plate." - [4]


- Supplemental Food

- Supplemental Water

- Supplemental Shelter

- Veterinary Care

- Open Source GPS Animal Tracking Collar


- Reduced Pest Population

- Reduced stress both for other farm animals, as well as humans there

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