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Changfa diesel engines are simple, single cylinder diesels that go up to 36 hp. These are used widely in the Far East, and make a good candidate for a long-lifetime, easy maintenance engine that allows the user to have control over this technology. Once OSE develops engines, this would be a good candidate to build upon.

These engines are used in many applications.

Example of a pickup truck with a Changfa diesel -

Trucks all powered by Changfa style engines -

OSE Case

Changfa style is a good type of simple engine - but the only disadvantage may be the flywheel which does not allow direct coupling of hydraulic pumps using a simple pump mount. Must have more of a sled or other fixture to which a pump can be mounted.

Here is a mounting with a Lovejoy coupler - [1] - also - fluid is closed off to include a radiator.

Technical Manuals

22 hp

28 hp

  • ZS1125 - 180 kg - [3]
  • ZH1125 - [4] - what is difference between ZS and ZH? Don't know. ZH1125D model - evaporative, electric start.

30 hp

  • $300 without shipping - [5]

27 hp, 20 kW

  • Great candidate for opensourcing - [8]


  • Good thread - [9]
  • Summary of thread: Why all the rave about Changfa? because the changfa is just one tough little sonofabeach thats why!
  • the idi versions will burn just about anything flammable
  • Parts for brand name engines will not be cheap, especially with obsolescence. Parts for Changfa may not be easy, either.
  • Per hp, about 1/4 the price of a Listeroid
  • Compact form over Listeroid
  • Low cost parts.
  • Ideal diesel doesn't exist, or is $4-5k
  • generation or two more advanced than the lister having a gear/rotor oil pump, crossdrilled crankshaft, and the ability to have not only bypass but full flow lube filtration is a significant design improvement that ought to be recognized
  • Noise is a big issue for Changfa - these are not quiet.
  • Of 4 sources of diesel noise - exhaust, intake, geartrain and diesel knock - exhaust and intake are easily taken care of
  • Exhaust and intake noise is about 50% of noise
  • Clones of clones may be problematic if parts aren't the same - [10]

Mobile Applications

  • Yeas - Changfa makes tractors from 25 hp and up - [11]
  • Changfa on a garden tractor - [12]

OSE Review

More compact and balanced than Lister engines - contenders for low RPM, long life diesels engines. S195 is apparently 12 hp, but they go until to 27 hp. The first thread above indicates they are under-rated, and governor is stable. Loud as hell, but exhaust can be muffled well to reduce noise 50%.

These would be a great candidate for local production. Requires cast body, and crank shaft may be 3D printed using Metal 3D Printing, followed by grinding. Precision parts for fuel pump may be ground.

Issues to resolve:

  1. Flywheel does not allow direct mounting of hydraulic pump in an easy way. Must have some mount that is not connected directly to spinning flywheel. Direct mounting of pumps has been resolved - see More Notes below.
  2. Water cooling - how to enable long operation periods with water cooling? Use an external radiator? Good idea - use a central radiator to service multiple power cubes, and a central hydraulic tank to service all hydraulic pumps.
  3. Electric start can be included - [13]

More Notes

  • From [14] - German designed, Chinese built, they come in a number of sizes. I like the units with counter balance shafts, 185=9HP, 195=13.38HP, 1115= 22HP, these engines all have the same design and layout. The counter balance shafts provide very smooth running at 1800 RPMs. We have developed a direct drive coupler for these engines and feel they are well suited for driving generators and pumps. If you are here to find out about an air cooled engine, this is the wrong place, most of the newer air cooled engines scream at 3600 RPMs, that's way too fast for our liking. air cooled engines will NEVER compete with liquid cooled engines for longevity or efficiency.
  • From [15] - built-in radiator should be avoided.
  • Make sure [16] you have a model with a balance shaft.
  • Briggs and Stratton is good for 600 hours of run time - [17]


  • Good resource - [18]

Manufacturers and Parts

  • Changchai - [19]
  • Huiyou - [20]
  • Aahama - [21]
  • Changzhou - [22]
  • Jiangyang - [23]
  • Jiangdong - JD1138 is highest model with 38 hp? - [24]
  • Talos - 33 hp - ZS1130 - [25]



  • Wiring the starter - [31]
  • Starter and electrical system - [32]
  • Adding a water tank for house hot water - [33]
  • See the vice grips? That's enough to hold it running on forklift forks. [34]
  • Mount radiator with soft hoses [35]
  • For a stationary generator, remote mount the fuel tank, radiator, and exhaust system [36]
  • Adding external radiator - [37]
  • Coupling Direct Drive to flywheel - [38]
  • For cooling, use radiator of a compact car - [39]
  • Detail of conversion to external radiator - [40]

Displacement, Speed, HP, Bore

  • Jiangdong ZS1133 - [41] - 220 kg, 1720 cc, 2200 RPM, 132x125mm stroke - cc cjecks with stroke
  • 1.59L, 28 hp, 135x135. CC doesn't check with stroke.
  • 1.93L, 35 hp, 135x135, 270 kg, [42]


  • Ok for personal use, but resale is not allowed in the USA? [43]


  • Article on how these are used in China - [44]
  • Polish homebrew tractors [1]