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Metal powders laser sintered are a way to achieve high quality prints. This technology is near open source. By combining an open source laser such as Lasersaur with Open Source Selective Laser Sintering - high performance 3D printed metal parts are around the corner. This would be an advanced version of the existing rought 3D metal printing that has been pioneered by Dr. Pearce of MOST, with robotic welders - see Open Source 3D Metal Printing.

The missing link for open source metal 3D printing is powdered metals. They appear to be accessible, though - such as iron - at only $1/kg. See Metal Powders. Stainless steel SLS powder is $15/lb.


  • Desktop metal - [1]
  • Robots + Mig Welders - [2]. Cost of MIG wire is $2/lb, so overall cost is reasonable. Imagine 3D metal printing for rebar forms combined with Clay Extrusion to make rebar reinforced Earthen Construction all with industrial robots.
  • The Formlabs Fuse 1 System - Informitive Demo + Interview By "Tested" Their webpage

Open Source

  • Download paper on open source MIG-based 3D printer - [3]
  • MTU early MIG-welder based printer - [4]
  • Part release mechanisms - [5]


  • Open source firmware based on Cura- [6]

Print and Sinter Filaments

  • You can print with regular plastic filament. [7]
  • You can print in clay-impregnated filaments and then bake. See Metal Clay Printer.

Online Courses

  • 2018 course announced at - [8]


PLA impregnated to 85% with metal powder can yield excellent results upon sintering.

  • Metal filaments - for pure copper, bronze, stainless steel, and other parts. This combines with induction furnace for high temperature sintering.
  • Metal paste printing can also yield excellent results upon sintering.

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