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  • One of the two main methods of Smelting (producing pure metals from oxides) (Along with Reduction Gasses such as hydrogen or syngas from an external source (See Also Hydrogen Reduction Smelting\
  • Unless modified somehow (Look into this) an induction furnace can't do this
  • Using hydrogen or syngas for reduction via producing the gas sperately can work as well, but this is more complex and probably doesn't scale down well (Needs More Research)
  • This is an older tried and true method
  • Will most likely use Charcoal or Charcoal Pellets, Spheres may be intresting
  • Can this be dual function? as a gassifier when not in use as a blast furnace?

Industry Standards

  • Most (or all? needs research) designs are larger scale that what OSE will most likely need (Large scale will most likely be via reduction gas as it is cleaner, yet is more complex and larger scale

Existing Open Soucre Designs

Minimum Viable Product

Basic Design

Main Body

  • A Ceramic Tube/Cylendar With a Throat around the middle for holding the contents temporarily


  • Need to determine how many, what diameter etc
  • Tuyres

Forced Gas System

  • Air or Oxygen, or Mix (Or Air-Oxy, or Air-Syngas, or Air-Hydrogen, or Hydo-Oxy? NEEDS MORE RESEARC)

Control System

Power Pannel

Charcoal/Biomas Auger + Storage

  • A Simple Auger+Bin System

Ore/Feedstock Auger + Storage

  • A Simple Auger+Bin System


  • Via Seperate Spouts, or Via A Funnel/Hole at base?
  • Water Collection?

Insulation + Recovery

  • Double Wall
  • Basalt Fiber/Fiberglass Insulation?
  • TECs?
  • Water Heating/Steam Generation?



Controll Software

See Also

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