Charles Atkinson

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  • Location: 1-87 and Route 40
  • Ranch - 460,000 acres in Northern Arizona
  • Family - 120 acres with a well
  • Off-grid for 14 years
  • 24x40 housing structures
  • 30% Red Clay - can we use that much clay to make blocks? It could be even better. Marcin, what do you think?
  • We need a steam engine and a steam generator.
  • Charles is a Mechanical Engineer
  • Charles wants to build the steam engine there.
  • Has a small shop, wants to get involved.
  • They want to send out his son for an apprenticeship - he's 54, a contractor, and an engineer.
  • Charles can do fabrication, welding, etc.
  • Charles could take it over the steam engine as a project manager.