Chemical Looping Combustion

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  • Often abbreviated as CLC
  • A form of Oxy-Fuel Combustion Process technology using metal oxides as the oxygen source, thus air never contacts the combustion chamber thus making the formation of nitrogen dioxides near impossible
  • Assuming the fuel used is either pure carbon, or methane, there should be no heavy metals or hydrogen sulphide as well
  • Uses a Fluidized Bed Gassifier for syngas production, then Fluidized Bed Reactor with the metal oxide as a sort of air free burner
  • This also lowers the total flue gas volume, and makes the composition near pure carbon dioxide and water vapor
  • The water vapor can be condensed leaving near pure carbon dioxide
    • The mechanism of transfer between fluidised beds
    • If NOx is produced and how much
    • What oxides to use and if they need a substrate etc
    • Pollution/Tar Issues?

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