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Im actually very good at finding people for things like this im just in a moving process right now for the next 30 days. Once i finish my moving i will be in touch so i can come up with some promotional plans to find you some working cash. Like ive said you guys are right in line where i was already headed but about a year along in the process. I will be happy to help you guys along as soon as i dont have a million things going on liek right now.

I was a small concert promoter/night club manager for 8 years. Shows in general from 400-4,000. I know of ways to promote like i did for my events that may very well find you many investors and local people to come help your work. Im just going to need to finish what im doing now before i can really focus on this for a minute and come up with some solid ideas. And most of all my plans are very cost effective.

On another note i may be able to sell a few machines for you. I personally may be interested in the purchase of a couple of your machines. I also know of quite a few land owners on the west coast who may want to purchase machines also. Looking at your project i think my best help will be in advertising and sales of your machines you build. If i can sell a few of each of the machines your building this will give you some extra working $$.. And more than that im good at working deals like having a land owner rent a machine and in the deal have to make us some materials we can sell locally in thier area. Deals like this may bring 10-20,000 per machine in sales of the building materials the farm make sfor me/us.

Give me about 30 days to finish up what im doing now and then we will see what we can do..

Again im very happy you guys are doing what your doing..