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You need less words when you show moving images and music.

Most damaging construct today is individual ownership. Such as a car sits on average 23 hours per day. We need access, not ownership.

Michael Tallinger - contributionism. Create goods and services 3x as much as needed by community. Sell their excess for lower cost than the town next door. But, plagued by free energy and aliens - lack of credibility.

Understanding us, who we are, where we come from (in behavior). Chris's work is on inner - social, psychological. Greed, andger. So if people feel disempowered, then GVCS work makes no sense. We know where this comes from: absolutisms of doing things one way or another. We do things that are right, as otherwise we are punished.

Chris is looking for ways to be integral, in synch with himself. Collaborate to Change the Story of the World. Not actively seeking, but organically manifesting things. "I'm practicing not doing." The troubles come from doers - so be carefull what you do. We have a huge economy, how much of it do we really need? 12%. From GDP by industry - took health care, food, energy, construction, internet. 88% is financial, real estate, government. So, we are 'forced to sell something to someone.' Global advertising budget - $600B. For ex, iFart - we don't really need it. Why are all those ships going in and out of SF bay.


But caution on the story - say a cheaper house with more sustainability. Then we are speaking the language of the old system. Frame the story in some other way. It has to be another reason. For this reason, you don't get paid as in sustainable human.

Reputation is the new economy - yes. Social production. Jeremy Rifkin - Marginal Zero Cost Society. BC marginal cost (cost for a new item) is 0, it will go to distributed peer model.

Chris chooses clients, and asks why someone is doing something.

Suggestions: define roles and responsibilities. Not getting paid.

Jae got people to participate from Sustainable Human.

Ex. look, i'm tired of people coming in for these reasons, I want THIS.