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  1. Review interview calendar and email recruiter with a couple of times for first interview.

About Me

  • Name: Chris Erikson
  • Phone:
  • Skype: <if you have one>
  • Email:
  • Location: Remote (Port Orchard, WA)
  • Time Available: Available to work on weekends and evenings

Intro Video

Make a one-minute introductory video, UPLOAD it and EMBED it here


  • How did you find out about OSE and the Factor e Farm?

  • What do you care about?

  • What do you see yourself doing with us at OSE (remotely or at Factor e Farm)?

  • How does the work at OSE relate to what you care about?

  • For what you care about doing with us, what is your track record? (novice, experienced, master -- give us some details about how you view your work and your potential)

  • Do you have any samples of that work we could review (docs, videos, etc.)? If so, put in some links here or upload something for us to review.

OSE Guidelines

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  • all applicants agree to the open source culture of sharing ideas
  • all applicants are subject to trial periods (typically two-weeks to a month)
  • for help embedding videos and for general wiki policies, view the Wiki Instructions and Policies page.

Interview Steps

After an application has been submitted, OSE staff will review and for selected applicants start the interview process outlined below. During this part of the process, applicants must update their personal page to include links to the additional videos and documents.

First Interview

After your first interview, EMBED a link to your first interview from the list of interview videos.

Second Interview

After your second interview, EMBED a link to your second interview from the list of interview videos.


After an assignment is discussed, UPLOAD the supporting docs and put links here

Work Plan

After a work plan is discussed, UPLOAD the supporting docs and put links here


OSE staff will upload this document if completed.

  • Contract: <link to signed doc>
  • Date Arriving: