Chris Reinhart's Promotional Materials Suggestion

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With Marcin's upcoming college tour, I have been reflecting on my own experience as a top-flight student and the recruiting efforts that I was exposed to. The US State Department had the clearest promotional materials and by far the strongest recruiting I saw at the Udall Scholars' Orientation, which was undoubtedly the most prestigious job fair I attended.

I created a pdf (follow link at bottom) of scans of the materials they gave us because I think that they provide a good example of very clear literature that explains their needs as an organization, what they are looking for from prospective candidates, and the process that a candidate follows to become part of the organization. After talking with them at their both, we walked away with three, easy-to-follow sheets that reminded us of the salient points and how to follow-through with the process if we chose to do so.

I could see a similar document being produced for Marcin to distribute as he inspires and excites the students to become collaborators in OSE's bold and pioneering work.

Also, at the end of that pdf document are several pages scanned from the Udall Orientation Handbook. As the number of DPVs/interns grows, having a simple handbook like this that is distributed to every collaborator before their visit would go a long way to smooth-running operations. Also, if large numbers of these collaborators are staying on-site during the same time, then having the bios of each with a photo would be excellent for building the network between the collaborators themselves. It is a selling point, too. If chosen to work with OSE, then students become part of an elite team of talented individuals that they will want to network with the rest of their careers. I still refer to these pages when I need advice on something outside my area of expertise.

For what it's worth! Thanks! Chris