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  • Coursera is good. They have a good model - partners agreement. Certification costs - ie, getting a CEU.
  • Coursera could be our marketing or teaser.



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Today's conversation got the juices flowing. Noodling to ramp up OSE with area colleges and libraries. The following is for discussion. The idea is to create a plug and play solution for easy adoption. For more see attached.

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In IL we have a group of Illinois community colleges across the state that built a platform for collaboration to drive the growth of the green economy. The Illinois Green Economy Network (IGEN) - - a consortium of Illinois community colleges, serves all interested schools across the state sharing resources, common experiences, best practices, and curricula.

Using Oakton Community College (an IGEN member) as the Prototype, IGEN could serve as the distribution arm and launching point for statewide adoption for a creative MakerSpace that goes beyond technology, extending into the trades, and mfg.

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A the Univesity Level, UIC has created a maker space for 3DPrinters, so... using the OSE model we can provide community colleges and libraries with the solution to establishes their own. The difference . . . OSE Makerspace teaches them how to build their own.

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Positioning? Position as MakeSpace funded by the college or corporate donor (Tech - BOSCHE, Mfg., Trades) to foster innovation or perhaps as a NON-CREDIT COURSE – quicker and easier to adopt.

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Library Program Workshop Outline - Draft of format sourced from Recharge. Tweek and let's put in front of Tony from DPPL for input.


  • Librarians at DPPL have a materials budget.
  • Librarians are generalists about learning and like continuing training
  • DPPL has a continuing education budget
  • DPPL will set up a 3D printing lab on a cart
  • Tony is part of an org that sets up continuing education.


  • Propose a 1-day or 2 day continuing education offer to DPPL that structures materials budget with cont Ed budget
  • Define general price structure for various OSE training options with the 3D printer
  • Propose a continuing education offer rheoigh Tony's org, with discounted kit materials plus time for training as a pilot
  • Collate a list of grants organization hat
  • RFMI - what is DPPL and typical material budget? What is typical cont Ed budget?
  • Questionnaire for libraries - market research


  • Gloria from Oakton Comm
  • Tony - Des Plaines Pub Lib (DPPL)
  • Ill Public Library Association Conference
  • Tony - needs teachers that know. Training the trainer workshop.

Tony from IT, Des Plaines

  • Planning a maker space - mobile one on a cart in a library - printer and computer
  • Have staff but not dedicated to maker ed
  • Now have some crafts, simple electronics, raspberry pi
  • Past - parntered with Pi/Python programming - teenagers. Partnered with
  • Gate3 are tech consultants, may want to partner with them
  • Event in the building - we don't charge. But could train staff.
  • Expense would be on the library.
  • Cindy - library with college with 207
  • Cindy - expose to job skills, engineering, trades - funding to underwrite workshops
  • Challenges for grant funding - looking out for maker
  • Secure funding and earmark - $4-5k as line items - program for 6-10 teenagers. Vocational learning. 3D printing.
  • Staff wise - pulled in many directions. Word, excel, etc. Tech trainer.
  • Mandate for library - to educate on computer literacy
  • Cindy proposes that we train local youth - someone who is interested in non-standard - 16-24 age range
  • 18 is high school finish
  • Pulse on Maker Camps - previous summers
  • Dedicated instructors at a library - they are pulled into
  • Girls Who Code program - is very successful.
  • Library has very specific mandate.
  • Cindy - can campground with facility improvement support community programs?
  • Longer term priority.
  • What problems does DPPL have that we can solve.
  • Shift2green would be a good 3rd party admin for OSE work
  • Every library has their own programs.
  • Starting clubs for various - Youth Technology Corps - Curriculum for social justice component. Once they repair a computer, they donate the computer to someone else.
  • Tony - what is mandate of library? Specific programs: free lunch for seniors, computer literacy. Generosity and access.
  • Tony - IT challenge is how to deal with everything going to the cloud.

Maker Spaces, Continuing Education

  • Makerspaces in the library is a big trend. Or video software to do video editing.
  • Want to teach 3DP, Tinker CAD. 1-3 days format. Tony is interested in stewarding this program. Concrete details of what it takes. To show up and learn is easy.
  • 9-5 program - Easy-build.
  • Money for materials and supplies, not for staff - in case of DPPL.
  • RAILS - - teaching of librarians - libraries pay for that. Continuing education grant.
  • Conference and professional development money.
  • Also part of an org called Recharge - a continuting ed program for librarians.
  • 3 day program that we could do
  • 9-5 build would work
  • Tony is a part of Recharge - . Provide continuing education.
  • RAILS is a grant provider. Recharge organizes continuing education.
  • Another cont edu -
  • Provide a curriculum - for 1 day, 2 day, or 3 day


  • Curriculum and tech
  • Do their jobs for them to get their buy-in
  • $5-10k is peanuts for entrepreneurship.