Circles and Strategy

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{Hint|Proposal is adopted at November 1, 2018 governance meeting 5-5-5 says S-A-M}}

Circles & Strategies

Clarify parts of the org into “circles” (ops?) and clarify the strategy of each circle. Marcin decides the strategy for each circle. A strategy follows this pattern “We will do X at the cost of not doing Y.” Strategies allow fellows to make decisions about what to prioritize using their own judgment, leading to shorter meetings and greater clarity and better decision-making. When shift in stratgy is made, it is made explicitTension: Shifting priorities makes it unclear when things change and whether things have changed or if something is “an exception.”. Would like more clarity so I can decide how to prioritize my work on my own. Intent, data that caused the change. Ongoing dialogue.

Here are some proposed circles:

  • OSE CIRCLE - vision for the future (GVCS, post-scarcity, extreme manufacturing). Main org strategy.
  • Machinery - (create materials that support accessibility to 3d printer, even at the cost of not moving forward on the microfactory or... )
  • Product - (6 hour workshops for OSE clubs, schools, makerspaces, and makers
  • Traction - How we reach customers. Opportunities & channels & marketing & market research
  • Community - ose developers, true fans, followers, potential contributors ()

Proposal - do this for governance meeting.