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Great work everyone Hey i just want to say hi and to all there what a great effort by everyone,your thinking out of the box is inspiring for all who see this.Have you tried putting waste drywall as a binder in your bricks it should stop the cracking ,must be ground fine .Im working with papercrete and we are building a press for them now while winter is here.We are experimenting to coat gas piplines with it to stop vandilism(people shooting at them).Have you thought of using papercrete for your roof,pour them in 4x14 foot sheets.I know your doing this as a earth house concept for villages.We forget how it was done in the old days ,imagine having to clear 40 acres with a axe and shovel if you lucky you have a ox ,you had to do this to get the free land.Then everyone worked as a community to get the land cleared.Greed has gotten in the way its everyone for themselfs now its good to see young people taking a step back and saying there is a better way to im on my dauters site ,you can reach me at God bless and happy thanksgiving Sincerly Clair S

I have seen them on youtube but cant remember where he had them 2ft off the ground and was bouncing in the middle of the panels.They are 4ft w 14ft long 6 inches thick,papercrete is very light weight and strong,wire screen is about 1/4in diamiter wire in 4 inch squares.I dont know what you call it in the states here we call it driveway mesh.eah lol.We havent had time to do any roof panels yet it snowed before we could get to them.Some people strech two layers of chicken wire across there trusses and put a 4 inch layer of pc on let it dry 2 days and put 2 or 4 more inches on after,you can seal it with recycled latex paint after two weeks of drying or you can mix the paint in with the pour.papercrete weighs 1 third of a concrete block.Here is another link type in papercrete on youtube video, also papercreters in yahoo groups im in that group as well lots of info in the old posts.Clair ps iv seen all of you so heres a couple picks of my work and me i haul decorative landscape rock from the great devide 250 miles into the bush.