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Setting Standards for OSE Leadership

The culture of Open Source Ecology is more than open source culture. It is more than open source technology. It is more than the open source economy and ecology.

It is about living a lifestyle of post-scarcity. In a lifestyle of post-scarcity - the trend is more for people living as diversified and powerful generalists - who participate in providing as much of one's essential. Without complete dependence on others, one is now in a position to develop healthy interdependence with the world around them.

With unlimited access to information - there's potential that people become more capable and powerful than at any other point in history. Imagine if our minds were not filled with intellectual junkfood from early childhood - and instead - we were learning practical things. The need for specialization diminishes as the density of skill and productive capacity intensifies within individuals and communities.

Specialization and dependence is merely a feature of a politicized status quo. This is not the only possible course. Of this - we should be keenly aware.

The culture of Open Source Ecology - most profoundly - is about civilization which has not lost touch with nature. It is about people who understand that material resources and prosperity come from the earth - and therefore - truly appropriate use of technology connects us back to nature - not removes us from it.

This implies individual responsibility for the world around us - from our own lifestyle to global geopolitics - based on how we interact with nature in procuring those needs that sustain us and make us thrive. Personal choice of lifestyle impacts human relationships - as we depend on remote people in global trade.

Responsibility means becoming a creator and producer, not a passive consumer of the status quo. There is a type of power that only the producer knows - a feeling of infinite power and autonomy that comes from production - from accomplishing tangible goals through one's skills.

Responsibility is the new politic. The new culture is one where the producer is valued more than the financier. The new culture is one where people strive to use local resources - and where people learn to be stewards of the land - from which all resources come.

Deep in our psyche, we want to be connected to providing our needs. The DIY ethic shows this - people want to produce their own food, or build their own housing, or other technology. There is nothing more rewarding psychologically than such self-providing. When people become further removed from nature or their means of survival - they become unhappy. People lose meaning and purpose once they do too much bean-counting or other senseless toil.

Autonomy is not a case for bellicose behavior - quite the opposite. Strong community comes only from powerful and autonomous individuals who recognize that cooperation is stronger that competitive waste. These individuals do not drag the community down - they are instead the creators who make it vibrant. It is such a community that leads to cultural and technological advancement.

A deep passion for freedom lies in the heart of the autonomous man. It is as such that politics transform from the welfare state to one where maximum responsibility in each participant becomes the new rule of the land. That responsibility includes one's education towards becoming a productive denizen of Earth. That responsibility also involves the social contract that guarantees freedom - and the means to protect that freedom.

Open source information, knowhow, and technology are the foundation. "The heart of economic democracy lies in decentralized production potential spread throughout the populace." Yet this does not bring us wisdom. Wisdom must be gained from experience - and economic democracy can help us along the way. Delivering the true power of technology prevents us from returning to the stone age.

Once artificial material scarcity is no longer present, the economic and political system takes on a major shift. Change the environment - and you change the options. Provide new options - and the discourse of civilization shifts to a new plane of existence.

This new paradigm very close - it is immediately and imminently available to those who can stomach societal transformation. The technology is there, the will is not. It is up to the responsible section of the population to lead the way.

In the new paradigm, poverty and war will become a thing of the past. The economy will shift from one that enforces mediocrity to one that enforces optimization and best practice. Societal dynamics will shift. Psychopaths without compassion will no longer be promoted to leadership positions - but instead - wise men will begin to lead.

It is up to all of us to take the choice - to evolve to freedom. It's a transcendent responsibility of anyone who is alive.

Do you believe in the above? If so, then you qualify to enter the leadership of the Open Source Ecology paradigm.

Gaining Traction

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