Cody Harrison Dedicated Project Visit Application

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1. Name, location, contact info (phone, email, Skype).

My name is Ian Cody Harrison but I go by Cody. Currently I am a bit of a nomad. My location at this exact moment is Cambridge, MA. I’ll be in Samford, CT tomorrow, New York City on Thursday, and Washington DC this weekend. My main employer is a company called Pilus Energy, which is based in Cincinnati, OH so I am often there as well. I grew up in Kalispell, Montana and get back there as often as I can in the winter and summer, which is not as often as I would like.

Phone: 434-242-6879


Skype: codyharrison711

2. Are you over the age of 18? (affirm yes or no)

Yes! I am currently 23 years old

3. When would you be available for a Dedicated Project Visit and for what duration?

Between September 25 and October 25th, 2013

4. Please attach a resume or provide a list of work / volunteer experience and education.

Link to resume:

LinkedIn profile:

5. Please include a photo of yourself.


6. Please submit a 1-2 minute video introduction regarding your interest in applying. This is a video-of-interest (VOI) and it must include: (1) Name and country where you are located, (2) why you are interested in applying; (3) what you would like to contribute to our effort and relevant skill set that will help you do that; (4) what are you hoping to get out of your visit? Please upload this video to a public video sharing site such as YouTube or OpenPhoto.

7. Are you willing to publish all the results of your work openly according to the OSE Open IP Guidelines?

I am willing!

8. Do you have resources to support yourself while volunteering with us?

Yes I do

9. Do you have sample work that you could upload and/or share via email? (ie. projects, designs, technical writing, graphic designs, videos, etc).

Attached in email sent 9/16 to the Technical Community Manager

10. Are there skills/expertise you hope to gain while a DPV at FeF?

I hope to improve my fabrication skills, potentially gain permaculture skills, design skills, CAD

skills. I’m willing/hoping to learn anything and everything that OSE has to offer.

11. Please provide three (3) references (professional or educational) to

Sent to OSE Technical Community Manager on 9/16

12. How did you hear about OSE and the DPV opportunity?

I heard about OSE in 2009 I believe while doing an Internet search for resource based economies. I volunteered at FeF for about a week in August of 2011. I had been wanting to do a DPV ever since hearing about OSE but was worried that due to limited expertise and time constraints I wouldn’t be a good candidate.

13. Do you have any other concerns or considerations? (May be emailed separately)

Is there space in the HabLab or will I need to camp?