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Phone Script


  • 1 line self intro - my name is alex, i work at an 501c3 education nonprofit that develops open source industrial machines.
  • 1 line statement of interest 'right now we're offering 3d printer workshops and reaching out to spaces that might host our event."
  • ask: am i talking to the right person?

points to highlight

  • SPIN
  • Situation: do you offer a lot of events like workshops or demos? | ... for open source industrial machines?
  • Problem: what happens when a machine breaks? | how does what ppl are working on build into something greater?
  • Implication: what does it mean if ppl aren't making or using open-source machines / 3d printer?
  • Needs Payoff: what happens if you can host this workshop and x people in the community take home a 3d printer?


  • space for x date, at x time, for x amount of space, x tables
  • profit sharing?

MakerSpace 1 of 2

Subject: 3D Printer Workshop with Open Source Ecology

Hi my name is____________. I work for Open Source Ecology - a 501(c)3 nonprofit - please see our 4 minute TED Talk on the Global Village Construction Set -

We're looking for a space to run a 3D printer build workshop - about 500 square feet - with tables.

We've developed a fully open source the 3D printer with the lowest unique part count in the world that can be built with common off the shelf part, which makes it easy to build, maintain and understand. We have also produced an exhaustive build manual, so people can replicate this easily.

Would it be possible to host a workshop at your space?

We would appreciate any feedback and suggestions on other spaces if your space is not suitable.



(signature) (please add our Full Disclosure disclaimer)

MakerSpace 2 of 2

Subject: Open Source Machine Development at Ace Monster Toys

I see the great maker work that you're doing. Wondering if you can help me out.

There's an untapped potential to build a suite of open-source machines in the maker world and trying to figure out if this is the case at Ace Monster Toys as well... Do you know what percentage of Ace Monster Toys makers are developing open source machines?

We are a education nonprofit 501c3 helps people build open-source machines, design real-world objects, and prototype like an engineer, and I thought you might have some insight. Any feedback you have would be super helpful.

Thanks in advance!


Follow-up on Workshop Email

Subject: Workshop Details for 3D Printer Build at Ace Monster Toys

Hi Ethan,

Thanks so much for following up.

About the Workshop

The workshop is designed to be an 8-hour build where up to 4 teams of 2 or more people build a 3D printer. Participants build the Open Source Ecology 3D printer, which has the lowest unique part count in the world, making it easy to build and understand. To see more info about the workshop, including printer specs, our nonprofit mission, and the workshop schedule, please follow this link.

Space Requirements

Each building team needs a 6x4 foot table for their work station, so at least 250 square feet would be great. We'd also need WiFi and electrical outlets. Other than that, we bring all the tools and parts necessary to build a 3D printer.

One more note about our workshop model. We charge $799 to the individual or organization that takes a 3D printer home for parts and instruction. However, we invite all folks interested in how 3D printers work and making open source hardware to participate in the build for free.

We're flexible in working together to make this an event that really serves your community. Looking forward to chatting about next steps.




Subject: 3d printer workshop at LibraryName

Would LibraryName be interested in hosting a 3d printer building workshop - run and promoted by Open Source Ecology?

We developed the 3D printer with the lowest part count in the world, which makes it easy to build and understand for anyone who wants to print useful 3d printed objects.

Open Source Ecology builds open source machines as a 501c3 education nonprofit to help people live life with abundance with the resources they have access to. (see our Founder's TED talk for more info). I'd love to see if the community around LibraryName would participate in a 3d printer build. (We also offer training on Computer Aided Design and training for librarians and teachers on how to run a 3D printing cluster.)

Any feedback would be much appreciated!


Marcin 1 of x

Hi Anthony,

Are you still in contact with Noisebridge?

We added 2 full time people to the OSE team in California - Sara and Alex - and they are running workshop builds of the 3D printer in California after a month of intensive training immersion at our site. We are looking for a venue to host our first workshop at the end of the month - any suggesions? We can build the 3D printer in a day, and demo the 3D printer filament maker recycling machines.

Thanks, Marcin

Self Intro from Referral for Schools

Matthew, thanks for the intro! Moving you to BCC

Hi Marci,

I work for Open Source Ecology - a 501(c)3 nonprofit - please see our 4 minute TED Talk on the Global Village Construction Set -

We're looking to support schools who are starting makerspaces or want to better support young adults in making their world, using 3D printers and other machines to design and build things like cell phones, vacuums, and drones.

We're just starting our program now for schools and would love to chat to learn more about how we might be helpful given what you're looking for and prioritizing right now.

Would love to discuss more. Let me know if that interests you.



We are a 501c3 education nonprofit - please see more about our work at our Global Village Construction Set TED Talk -

We can also offer training on Computer Aided Design and training for librarians and teachers on how to run a 3D printing cluster.