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The vise holds the material to be cut.

The vise should be auto-centering such that the vise can accommodate angled cuts more effectively and facilitate the blade descent at the middle of the material width.

For a given cut width, the maximum cut height is determined by the diameter of the blade and the blade supports.

The vise is screw-fastened to a surface below such that the vise can be easily removed to facilitate cuts with irregularly shaped materials.


The mounting holes for the vise are 12mm diameter to fit the M12x1.75 screws used uniformly.

The vise shafts are 31.8mm diameter, the same diameter as in the rotation assembly.

The vise threaded rod is M30x3.5 to fit within 32mm diameter holes uniformly used for the vise shafts.

Depth of the blade slot is 25.4mm (20mm required for 350mm diameter blade, 115mm material width, and up to 45 degree cuts)


Moving Block

  • Width Notes: The width must be great enough so as to minimize the friction generated between the Moving Block and the Shafts under tension. If the width is too low, then the operator will not be able to clamp the workpiece with greater tension after a certain friction-caused stall point.
  • Clamping Notes: The Clamp Blocks must be mounted to the Moving Blocks such that the Cold Saw accommodates angled cuts.

Clamp Block

  • Jaw Hole Notes: The fastener hole is closer to the center of the vise so that a jaw of the same slot length can move closer to the center of the clamping volume. Also, the fastener hole being closer to the center of clamping volume increases rigidity of the clamping center because the fastening compression occurs closer to the center.