Cold Saw/V1 Design Files

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Uniform Mounting Dimensions

  • Base Plate to Base Flat: 80mm x 520mm
  • Base Flat to Vise: 50mm x 90mm
  • Vise Rod to Rod: 95mm
  • Support Flat to Interface Flat: 75mm x 80mm
  • Hydraulic Motor to Interface Flat: 40mm x 100mm
  • Blade Guard to Interface Flat: 80mm x 100mm

Uniform Fasteners

Short Bolt

Long Screw

Long2 Screw

Short Setscrew

Long Setscrew

Threaded Rod

Short Threaded Rod

Small Nut

Large Nut

Uniform Spacers

Short Spacer

Long Spacer

Uniform Shafts

Vise Handle

Operation Handle


Coupling Pin

Support Shaft

Drive Shaft

Uniform Shaft Accessories

Thrust Washer

Large Thrust Washer

Large Shaft Collar

Medium Shaft Collar

Small Shaft Collar


Base Assembly

Vise Assembly

Swivel Assembly

Support Assembly

Drive Assembly

Blade Guard Assembly

Full Assembly