Cold Saw/V1 Design Rationale/Movement System/Angle

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  • Swivel Mechanism allows angled cuts.

The swiveling frame should swivel about the centre of the vise such that the blade descent always bottoms out at the vise.

The swiveling frame should be attached to a rod at the swivel centre such that the design leaves modularity for automatic encoded swivel in the future.

For manual versions, the rod of the swiveling frame can be threaded so as to fasten with a nut.


Notes: The swivel clamp fastener should be mounted such that the swivel plate is horizontally clamped to the base disc. If the fastener is vertically mounted, then clamping the swivel head can cause bending that reduces the precision of the Cold Saw.

Swivel Angle Lock

  • Being able to lock the swivel mechanism at certain angles provides precision cutting ability.