Collaborative 3D Printer

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Collaboration Concept

  • Partner with existing open hardware products - PNP, circuit, microcontroller, RAMPS, power supply, control computer
  • Partner with people who Buy Production.
  • Budget out the development accurately


  • Concept: include more X Made and Manufactured. Substitute your town for X.
  • DIY circuit mill & PNP for controller and RAMPS, and open source screw machine. This gets us to the major fabrication components. Then the high T part is almost an extra.
  • Modules: Mega design
  • Mega CNC Milled version
  • PNP for Mega
  • Screw machine for metal parts
    • Lathe
    • Feed
    • Drill
    • Lathe bit
    • Cutting
    • High T chamber
    • Enclosure for fume
    • Fume blower
    • KiCad designs
  • Sale price of $2500
  • Materials are $1200
  • 100 sales.
  • Builds on SimplePNP
  • Other continental representatives for all over the world.
  • OS Ingredients Label
  • Microfactory Spec
  • Distributive Enterprise Spec
  • $10k for Buy Production included.

Open Tooling

  • Open source CNC circuit mill - specification and next iteration, Open Circuit Institute?
  • Open Source 3D Printer
  • Open Source PNP toolchain
  • Open Source Screw Machine
  • Open Source Coil Winder for power supply, if any needed, but otherwise an open source power supply.
  • Electric motor for the open source filter. Get the open source ventilator people involved.