Collaborative Creation of Genius

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Collaborative creation of genius means uplifting and upgrading the mental models of the general population so that all individuals can function at the highest level of their ability. This is in the interest of everybody. Conscious elites can lead the way in this, towards inclusive access, possibility, and opportunity.

One of the biggest principles there is mastery learning - the Rapid Transfer of Genius to average individuals.

It is un-common for people to function at genius levels, but there is also a large amount of downward selection of wisdom in the general population. Because most genius is inaccessible - geniuses are not good teachers, open source documentation doesn't exist - or the best information is proprietary and patented - and special insterests distorn information for their own benefit or profit - there is a general dumbing down of the population. Schools do their fair share of this primarily by slotting people into society as cogs of the machine - as opposed to helping them Unjob. We consider unjobbing part of the process towards Self-Determination - because only when one has independence of money, time, and relationship - can one pursue their true interests.

Case for the Feasibility of Collaborative Genius and its Creation

Imagine a cavement meeting the average net citizen of the 21st century. The denizen pulls up in his SUV, takes out his Playstation, and the caveman that walked out of the nearby cave begins to worship the net citizen as god.

We have come a long way in technology, ability, capacity. It is easy to forget that. But the point is: any new generation that arises stands on the shoulders of giants.

If we can teach effectively, we can bring individuals up to genius - rapidly. Everyone has this capacity. It just takes 10000 hours. Only a few years. That's why there are child geniuses as young as a few years - it only takes 3 years to become one if one works at it. But this is the case for focus - that doesn't happen if one has a job. [1]. This is is a general case for unjobbing as a prerequisite to genius. Or at least much higher performance across all areas of life.

To summarize: unjob immediately!

Specific Points of Action