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What does it mean to be the most collaborative enterprise in the world?

  1. Distributed - power of a 'corporation' by many small agents worldwide, with cross-training and collaborative 'stone soup' input to R&D and enterprise development.
  2. Open source
  3. Open governance - governance is published, and is based by automatic meritocracy - a condition where leaders are self-selected and rise into the position. Part of this is collaborative self-selection, resolving conflict as it comes up
  4. Open books - take home pay, revenue, finaces are published openly. Value is monetary, digital, or resource-based.
  5. Open design and engineering - essential component of open source
  6. Open enterprise - collaborative development of distributed enterprise, matching the power of centralized operations.
  7. Open process - working openly - by teaching all of one's skill-in-process to others. Working Openly
  8. Fundamentally Transformative. Goals are lofty (regeneration of humanity and nature), but are backed up simply by meeting needs easily - ie, industrial productivity on a small scale.
  9. Distributed Market Substitution - is a stated goal and natural outcome. Thereby, eliminating any resource conflicts from determining the human condition, and leaving only psychological elements to be resolved.
  10. You set your own pay when we 'hire' you, based on clearly visible value. This applies to all levels of hiring, and must be validated by the responsibility of matching promise to reality.
  11. Localizable - we solve our backyards - for their integrated, regenerative development
  12. Mobility - you can fork, promote, or demote yourself at any time, by public notice. If you are contracting with others, you must have their support.
  13. Lifelong learning and feedback loops - organization is designed for people to grow over a lifetime, and to upgrade operations and uplift everyone involved in a collaborative way.
  14. Collaborative development replaces the proprietary economy. Trade secrets, patents, and other forms of Competitive Waste become a thing of the past.