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We accept teams to the OSE Apprenticeship. That means that each team of 24 takes exams together, such that for example, recorded live Google Doc Collaborative Design sessions are used to solve problems. For this, one must learn how to set up a workstation in FreeCAD + Docs so that collaboration with role breakdown is enacted, and who did what becomes transparent.

Why do this? Because such a process is required for on-demand development - with unprecedented results occurring. This enforces not leaving anyone behind, because the whole experience is based on forcing oneself to collaborate. This is at the cost of initial inefficiency as people pick up skills, but at the benefit of integrated design - and maintaining a more inclusive society - as cohorts the world over learn to solve their own problems. In fact, we envision that this is the only way to create a truly distributive society without bureaucracy creeping in. The tendency away from bureaucracy comes from more responsibility per individual.

Collaborative exams force one to learn collaborative literacy as a prerequisite. The very nature of collaborative exams enforces the degeneracy of software and hardware toolchains - optimal collaboration and interoperability in modular design comes from Degeneracy.