Collaborative Literacy 101

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People are not used to working together, and certainly new tools exist that widen the gap between how people collaborate - and how they could collaborate: optimally.

This discussion explores key principles of collaboration that OSE contributors need to be aware of to work effectively. This borrows on principles from open source software, and is extended to the Extreme Manufacturing of hardware - as well as to Distributive Enterprise - and movement entrepreneurship towards a paradigm of Open Source Product Development - in the next economy - the open source economy.

First, whether people are aware of it or not, the world is trending to the open source economy. Business talks about efficiency - and the core of open source is efficiency - by annihilating competitive waste, by promoting transparency, and open collaboration. From the standpoint of efficiency - efficiency increases are happening and will continue to happen - including in the efficiency of distribution - of access and wealth to all instead of power concentration. Thus, OSE operates under the assumption that the next economy is the open source economy - as seen from the standpoint of efficiency.

Thus - we lose all fears and insecurities - become vulnerable - by sharing information. So that others could build on it - and a culture of unbridled collaboration follows.

That's the core of our philosophy - that you have to be brave to share in order to make life better for everyone. We all learned this in kindergarten, but lost it by the time we graduated from college.

Here are some tactical points beyond philosophy - the howto of how we work openly.

  • First, we need to understand that we are not working alone. So that anyone could peek into our work. The best way to do that is with a Log or blog. We use Work Logs on the wiki as a common way to share .