Collaborative Literacy 101: How to Work Effectively in an Open Source Hardware Movement

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The rise of Free and Open Source software has catalyzed the growth of Free and Open Source Hardware. Libre hardware is beginning to gain traction in mainstream economics, such as in 3D printing and in the scientific hardware community. There is evidence that open development creates both technically superior and far less expensive hardware than proprietary models. In this webinar, we provide an overview of Open Source Ecology's open source product development process - and the importance of collaborative literacy. Collaborative literacy is a form of literacy - like reading or using a computer - which allows individuals to work effectively on large, distributed, open projects. What are the principles and tools used for effective and focused crowd collaboration? Who can apply crowd collaboration to their work? What motivates volunteers to build a project that is much larger than themselves? What are the limits to the size and effect of a crowd based project? What is the potential of scaling this development model? Can widespread adoption of open techniques compete with proprietary product development? We will explore the learnings from the first decade of OSE's operation, culminating with the emergence of OSE's economic model of Distributive Enterprise.



You can follow these slides along with the video.