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Sun Apr 26, 2020

  • Wiki is a powerful medium for time binding: unlike social media, webstites, blogs, forums - the OSE conversation is for ever. OSE guarantees permanence of wiki - as a public-interest institution. Therefore, if you want low cost access to a permanent record of your evolution - write a journal - or log on this wiki.
  • Critical point: devise wiki infrastructure such that every visit results in a tangible step towards the finish of GVCS and replication of small civilizations. Perhaps require a promise to make a tangible and directed contribution to the wiki when you step on this turf? This would require a Task Breakdown of ongoing Excellent Tasks that help in the overall vision. What helps this is ready access to digital assets and protocols.
  • Understand that you can be a teacher. Document your knowledge for public presentation - such that your insights lead to teaching others. Insight: being a native teacher is that you generate learning materials voluntarily.

Fri Oct 23, 2015

"I don't want to spend half an hour looking for the BOM" - not good practice for core team members. The condition of satisfaction for in-project documentation should be that anyone can find anything within 5 seconds. For collaboration with other projects, a common standard should be established such that it takes 10 seconds to find any data - first 5 seconds to find the project, and the second five to find the data.