Collaborative Literacy Principles

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Types of Openness

  • Academic OS
  • OSNO
  • Fake open source
  • OSHWA/OSI licenses
  • OSHWA Certification
  • FSF Respects Your Freedom

Principles of Open Collaboration for the Open Source Economy


  1. Use open licenses
  2. More participation in basic procedure I more important than advanced tools
  3. OS can do anything, it just lacks an interface
  4. Use common tools#
  5. Use modular design
  6. Make roadmap transparent
  7. Make effort and budget transparent
  8. Provide training
  9. Provide certification
  10. Work for a livelihood, not hobby
  11. Use incentive competition s and crowd fund them
  12. Engage in pblic product development in physical events
  13. Do swarm builds to address social and labor force issues
  14. Combine edu and production
  15. Use an open source tech pattern language with icons

Big Picture

  1. Thinking long term,we open source everything. Such as using PhPList.
  2. Many producers are a good idea, like in Jeffersonian democracy.
  3. The time scale for transformation is by definition long
  4. We can do more by cooperation than by competition. Corollary: get rid of the patent system
  5. Opensourcng a Construction Set needs to happen only nce, as the CS is generative. It includes education and design guides.
  6. The solution for inequality in the world is not to accept it as a fact of life (think Untouchables) - but to work to bring everybody up.
  7. There are two types of work in the world: weaponry, and livingry (Fuller).