Collaborative Scanlon Plan

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  • The quicker you attain quality, you get paid 50% of improvement.
  • The more effectively you produce, you can then do more.
  • And you can continue doing more, as much as you like.
  • At the end, there is whatever responsibility you may want to take on. At each step the power, rewards, risks increase.
  • To get there, one must grow.
  • Growth, and just growth, is rewarded accordingly.
  • How to arrange this so anyone in the world has access to this growth?
  • How can this become a mechanism behind all kinds of pursuits: production, R&D, innovation?
  • Production is innovation when it begins to add fuller accounting
  • And scientific/cultural R&D? It is the addition of new layers to existing enterprise.
  • Thus can everything be seen through lens of productive enterprise?
  • How do we solve USA The Permanent Revolution? Can we provide a decentralized solution beyond other centralist systems?
  • Vision must be simple and inspiring such that the Student believes it. But: they can get to believe it only after some time. So the incentives are phased in. Someone is in for a continuing surprise. Team performance psychologist is needed. And this 'mother figure' or 'mentorship figure' could be designed in specifically - and is congruent with lifelong learning. Everyone needs inspiration. But, if Student doesn't want to learn - they can exit. What we offer is a 'Performance Development Environment', part of the experience economy - until someone reaches The Art of Possibility. The art of possibility is when one can unlock any block.


  • Net: 50% allocated staff, 50% allocated to R&D - by whoever is doing it
  • Ops manager - takes care of back end. Ideally, one who was a construction manager.
  • Construction Manager - runs crew, as foreman.
  • Needs self-managing IT infrastructure. Colby can help design.
  • CVO - chief vision officer