College Tour Dogfood Session

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Colelege tour plan - see


  1. Intro - 10 minutes. Teaching somebody how to Organize a Lecture Tour.
  2. Assignments - 15 Minutes to delegate and refine.
  3. Split into groups of 2 - 30 minutes
  4. Submit work product - Email your results to
  5. Key takehome messages - 2 minute per group. 20 minutes


  1. Choose 12 best logistics scenarios starting end of January - work at . Product: list of 12 areas - with 4 1st pick and 4 second picks for each area.
  2. Write an adveretisement for recruiting a person to help organize this. Product: job ad.
  3. Protocol from Initial contact (who and how) to signing of Speaking Contract/MOU. Product - clear protocol. (KB: See annotations here, as well as e-mail.)
  4. Speaking contract. Take one off the internet, adapt to OSE. Product: contract template for use
  5. Internet search for schools with key SMEs - laser design, industrial robot design, bio plastics chemistry and production, open source hardware dev groups and programs worldwide - what univesities and institutes are they in? Product: for each of 3 - list top 6 schools and contacts.
  6. Fee negotiation protocol - Result: step by step protocol.
  7. List types of organizations that we should pursue at each university: result - a list of 24 groups/entities/channels that we should tap at each university. Also list secondary entities - besides top 50 universities
  8. Ad to students - and protocol for how we distribute this ad (end product - a few ads posted on bulletin boards (physical and virtual) - flyer announcement text - for why they should do a DPV that we will post/have posted when we get to the talk.
  9. Search for and . Then generate a spreadsheet in google docs of top 25 choices to pursue. Product: list of college name - link to series information - contact name. Person 2 - Email template for suggesting a speaker recommendation via a third party.