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Marcin - would like to introduce you to College of the Atlantic Hello Marcin-

My name is Darron Collins, I am the President of and an alumnus of the College of the Atlantic ( I never intended on becoming a college president and don't think I fit the mold of such a position, but I'm good at my job because I've always loved this place and love it now more than ever. Somehow, I think you'd love it too and would find yourself right at home.

I'd like to find a way to get you here for a visit because I believe our campus could very well become something of a laboratory for Open Source Ecology. I know you already have such a lab in your Factor e Farm, but I thought you might like to consider partnering with an experimental college as a way of further testing your ideas. We're just 350 students and 40 faculty, have no departments, offer just one interdisciplinary major in human ecology, and have our campus on the ocean at Mount Desert Island, Maine, complete with two 100+ acre farms.

I'm guessing you have a lot on your plate, especially around the holidays. But if you could drop me an email at or, better yet, call me at 207-266-5161, I'd really like to talk with you.

Something to consider: would you ever give a commencement address at graduation? Ours is Saturday, June 7 2014. Just an idea ...

Please be in touch-


Darron Collins President, College of the Atlantic 105 Eden Street Bar Harbor, Maine 04609