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Design Discussion


Modularity once again can be applied. Think of modular sickle bar; modular auger; modular threshing drum - i like your chain idea - and we know it works from our string trimmer (chain-on-shaft); fan module for chaff. Auger for ejection. No storage capacity - auger out that which falls through sieve, and doesn't get blown out by fan.

I assume you're thinking hydraulics - we're well familiar with this technology - and this is what allows the design to be modular with independent motors, and which allows LifeTrac to power it.

The speed? That which can be handled within a budget of an 18 horsepower hydraulic Power Cube. A 3 foot cutting width would be perfect.

So can you simply start by drawing up the 5 modules above in CAD? If we have them, we can start our authentic Modular Combine. Agricultural Combine Construction Set is the goal - making this technology available dirt cheap.

If you can export the CAD to Sketchup, then many people will be able to use your modules. Does this make sense?

I see 5 hydraulic motors involved, $100 each. Plus metal, 500 at a dollar a pound, plus hoses and valves. Valves could be another $100 each for 5 of them. So $1500-$2k budget, and we have a combine that now allows any CSA to diversify to field crop production on the subacre per crop scale. That would be a breakthrough contribution to humanity, don't you think?gh contribution to humanity, don't you think?


I'm familiar with combines, in fact I had a summer job assembling combine headers in college. But I wouldn't say I'm that familiar with the inner workings (threshing, sieves, etc.), so I'd need to do some research in that area.

Designing a complete working combine would be a major undertaking, especially when it needs to be accomplished during free time. I have a friend who has a similar background and skill set as myself. I'll see if he would be interested in helping.

Would this be a straight-cut header? Or would it be picking up a swath? What are the requirements for storage capacity and operating speed?

I've seen videos of people using chains welded to a rod and spun with a drill inside a plastic bucket as a means of threshing. Perhaps something similar would work for this application.

The deadline might be on the aggressive side, but I'll look into it some more.

I just watched the video, it is very cool. This is definitely something I want to be a part of. I'll look into the True Fans thing as well.