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Summary: The primary role of the Communications Director is to spread OSE culture via clear communication of the intent and direction of the project. This director is the key Journalist of OSE progress - documenting organizational, philosophical, and technical development of the Global Village Construction Set. This role involves technical writing, creative writing, script writing, preparing presentations, and assisting the Founding Director in communicating the message.


  • Capacity for critical, creative, entrepreneurial, and strategic thinking

Duties (in collaboration with Factor e Farm Documenter)

  • Creates and promotes cultural understanding of OSE
    • Key to setting the cultural transition to post-scarcity culture
  • Manages interviews
  • Publishes in various media
  • Producing a Weekly Update Blog Post
  • Assisting in script writing for weekly update video from Founder
  • Weekly meeting with leadership to plan a publishing schedule
  • Day-to-day writing and interviewing - continuous recording of ongoing activity and conversion into a weekly update video and/or blog post
  • Ongoing technical documentation script writing - to create fabrication and assembly instructional videos
  • Producing a blogging and reporting strategy for leveraging other media channels
  • Assistance with blogging and reporting on other channels (Shuttleworth Foundation, TED network, P2P Foundation, etc.)
  • Daily vlogging on progress via smartphone upload
  • Writes scripts for videos, speeches, slide presentations and others
    • Script writing assistance for weekly video updates as needed
    • Technical script writing for instructionals
    • Records voice narration for fabrication and assembly videos as needed
    • Speech writing and production of presentations as needed
  • Strategic development of media strategy and assets with FeF Documenter, Media Director, Resource Developer, and Founder of OSE
  • Ongoing study of activities, and ongoing dialogue with the rest of the FeF community on developments and insights gained - to be able to communicate insights to the rest of the world
  • Cross-training in production or other hands-on skills to participate in collaborative production and to extend appreciation and understanding of a wide range of activities necessary to build a civilization
  • Ongoing development and documentation of effective techniques used in blogging (akin to this Documenting the Documentation Process Video)
  • Commitment of a mimimum of six months to the project
  • Assisting in recruitment of a replacement Blogger upon leaving
  • Produces a Strategic 3 Year Plan for FeF Documentation Improvement in months 3-6
  • Produces curriculum for rapid learning on OSE blogging
  • Works closely with FeF Documenter