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Summary: the Documentation Community Manager oversees the on-site and global community of developers with an emphasis on generating project documentation - including video, animations, CAD, technical writing, and other assets. In technology transfer - actively seeks, refactors, captures, and transfers documentation from collaborating projects. Role includes organizing and managing Book Sprints to generate documentation in a remixable format. Also responsible for maintaining an in-house, on-demand publishing infrastructure of hard copy manuals. Responsible for building and managing OSE social media platforms, and managing the OSE Documentation Forum. Works closely with Recruiter to create Dream Team 30. Functional literacy in video, editing, design, and CAD required.


  • Capacity for critical, creative, entrepreneurial, and strategic thinking




  • Produce a strategy for the OSE community and its future growth for both on-site and global communities
  • Maintain a community database on CiviCRM
  • Lay down the communications backbone and the best practices associated with using it
  • Build simple, effective, and nonbureaucratic processes that enable your community to conduct tasks, work together, and share their successes
  • Develop community facilities to build workflows that are driven by accessible, sensible, and rock-solid tools that enable your contributors to do great work quickly and easily
  • Develop strategy to harness social media in the OSE community
  • Build excitement and buzz around the OSE community to encourage involvement and participation
  • Tracking, monitoring, and otherwise measuring the work going on in the community so that it can be optimized and simplified
  • Continuing on from measuring the OSE community, ensure that OSE community projects and participants stay on track and deliver great results
  • Explore and implement a a low-friction, capable, and representative governance strategy for the OSE community
  • Create and implement a strategy to identify, handle, and prevent unnecessary conflict; handle divisive personalities; and unblock problems.
  • Organize events that offer the greater community to bond, be productive, and have fun
  • Assist chapters and affiliate organizations in hiring a community manager


  • Manager Replication Community - those people who build our machines
  • Participation in Community Leadership Summit
  • Responsible for documentation fulfillment for OSE
  • Develops strategies and standards for community management
  • Responsible for managing forums and social media for OSE
    • Manages Documentation Community Forum (includes video, CAD, technical documentation)
  • Responsible for community relations
  • Manages community relations, hospitality, and tours on-site
  • Assists executives team in identifying talent for recruitment
  • Collaborates with OSE chapters (such as OSE Europe) with respect to documentation fulfillment
  • Allocates resources to documentation of specific projects - such as prioritization of local and remote documentation engagements, organizing remote documentation visits, organizing documentation interviews with developers, etc.
  • Maintains a repository of media assets
  • Seeks and transfers documentation from other open projects - manages transfer of remote documenation to OSE Standards
  • Gathers ideas and feedback from independent replicator network and compiles suggestions to guide the refinement of each GVCS machine.
  • Facilitates hospitality, tours, relationships, and conflict resolution on-site at Factor e Farm
  • Works with recruiter to identify and invite new talent to the project
  • Organizes Book Sprints for production of manuals and the Civilization Starter Kit publication
  • Organizes an annual Convergence at Factor e Farm to celebrate accomplishments and to engage in Documentation Sprints

Skills Required

Learning Requirements

  • Cross-training in production or other hands-on skills to participate in collaborative production and to extend appreciation and understanding of a wide range of activities necessary to build a civilization