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We are recruiting a world-class development team to take the project to the next level. To assist in this task, we are starting with a brief feedback survey on the project for all stakeholders to fill out. Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey, and pass it on to others who are familiar with or who may be interested in the project. This will go into a Google database, visible to the public, and will be evaluated by OSE leadership to identify actionable items and to recruit talent. We increased transparency can help participants to organize and learn from one another. Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey.

Open Source Ecology is a movement to create an open source economy - an economy that optimizes both production and distribution - while providing environmental regeneration and social justice.

We are after an absolutely creative approach for producing lasting solutions to pressing world issues.


  1. What's needed most in the project, and what are you willing to commit to the project to address this need? What relevant experience do you have that qualifies you to take on this task?
  2. Are you currently affiliated with OSE in any way, and how?
  3. What challenges do you face in your life that could be addressed by the results of our work, in the short term (<1 year), and in the long term (5+ years from now)?
  4. What are you most concerned about regarding the success of the project, and what solution do you propose?
  5. What unique talents can you offer to the project, and how much commitment can you provide either as a volunteer or for pay?
  6. List 3 ways that you can start getting involved in the project.
  7. Can you recommend someone else who could join the project, and what relevant skills do they have?

Resource Development

  1. Can you recommend any foundations that we should write grants to?
  2. Can you recommend any on-contingency grant writers that we can recruit to the project?