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I could write about it in my Pirate Party Germany.

Benjamin Kirkup

I live in a small community of ~7 adults and 5 children, with a 1000 sq ft communal garden. I'm a microbiologist, a microbial ecologist. I'll assist when that specialty is needed.

Joseph Post

I can help organize local lectures and provide free music for videos. I am a professional composer and audio engineer. I can help if hands are needed on a work day.

Quintin de Lima

I am prepared to build prototypes and test the build plans on GVCS prior to full release.

James Slade

Prototype testing. 7 years of QA and QC experience. We're a part of a larger picture involving many homes and families coming together. We can host a lot of folks from our region here. Bringing the GVCS to the public around Texas, showing how it works

Craig Ambrose

We're building an ecovillage, at the moment largely based on closed source machinery. Ruby on rails development at reduced rates.


I might be able to help with instructions Fabricate parts of a device to see if it works as intended.

A.J. Tarnas

a membership-based tool-lending library My talent is living frugally.

Jacob Dalton

my parents...own a former dairy farm on 280 acres of land in north western Wisconsin. My father owns a small landscaping business that installs lawns I'm a pretty good interface between the cultures of internet enthusiasts/entrepreneurs...and blue collar entrepreneurs We have a pretty good array of dormant resources on the farm having converted from a dairy farm to a crop farm. I'm interested in working full time onsite or remotely for OSE and should be available in this capacity at the end of October. I studied variously: mathematics, computer science, creative writing, and video production. I graduated with a double major in Math and English with a certificate (ie Minor) in Computer Science. I also grew up on a dairy farm, and I've been involved in my father's small business projects which include: tree transplanting, landscaping (mainly lawn installation), and general contracting (residential home construction). For the last 2 years I've been teaching English in South Korea

Graham Kelly

I have networker skill sets I am a permanent traveler, so I can give you guys some offshore solutions.

Anna Dawson

I want to share my ten years of research on creating locally produced healthy frozen whole foods I have spent 50 years teaching foods and growing farm crops. I can develop a series of video clips to teach people what I do. I have a 1400 sq. ft. Harvest Processing Kitchen that can develop new products, do nutrition analysis, create video clips etc. I have created a floor plan for a mobile kitchen that would focus on processing vegetables, fruits, grains and dry beans. This goose neck trailer can be built ten miles from me for transport anywhere in the country. Tray freezers are built nearby too.

Ahmad Faramarzi

Bought a farm a year ago and have finally moved and live there. I have an engineering background in various fields (mechanical, nuclear, aerospace) but theoretical

Elaine Bearden

I've been a community organizer/advocate for many years; rec'd permaculture design certification from Peter Bane and have taught basic permaculture principles through the TransitionUS movement here in the southern Blue Ridge region of the Appalachians. community forum I started here in the Upstate of SC in 2005 have come to fruition, including a local farmers' market and the evolution of similar conversation groups

robert terhune

retired high school teacher

Chris Kleps

I own a 33 acre woodlot in Clackamas County, Oregon. I have done most of the work myself since 1982. I am a retired veterinarian. I am a life-long gearhead, and a former Peace Corps volunteer in Ecuador. I have had a life-long commitment to self-sufficiency. Tell me how I can help.


Machine and equipment design, inventor/experimenter, welder, electrical/electronic, hydraulic, mechanical background. Look at project and see where I might possibly be able to fit in

Michael Hunter

I am an electrician, with robotics, PLC and automation experience. As well as experience in water filtration and waste oil processing. I am working on developing a process to connect local farmers to restaurants through growing seed, pressing seed for oil, filtering oil, packing oil in a contract form


I recently started an ethanol Meetup to educate folks on the oil industry-sponsored myths about ethanol, and perhaps develop a small still. High energy and tenacity, and I can write and speak publicly. I have a few hours a week to volunteer if we are on the same page.

Khuong Dinh

I have ten years of Systems Engineering and Program Management that I can contribute to the project. I can fully commit with my expertise in Systems Engineering and Program Management.

David King

I am primarily a grower of food in Los Angeles, CA Currently I am working to breed a variety of wheat that can be grown easily in Los Angeles. I am on the Mayor's Urban Agriculture Working Group I have a community of bicycle mechanics I could get involved in the project. I am part of the Seed Library of Los Angeles and I can enlist gardeners to grow the grain

Jacopo Amistani

Coordiantor for the OSE Initiative In Italy

Ann Klefstad

I'd be interested in helping to develop a description of such a program and researching interested institutional networks. I'm a communicator by trade: writer, artist, editor, journalist. I'm an awardwinning communicator / journalist and lifetime maker of things. Right now I'm raising two kids alone, writing and making art, and so have no time that I can commit for free. After I complete two longterm projects this summer I could make a full-time paid commitment to the project. I can develop and hone a description of the project for potentially involved educational institutions and funders. I do grantwriting, but will not have time to do on-contingency projects until next fall.

Paul Ricci

I am an ex-dancer and accountant Am moving to Vermont in near future and will look to network with others of like mind. I can build almost anything...Machinist.

Elmo Mäntynen

I might be able to help in localizing/testing the designs next year when most of the GVCS is in beta I'll be studying to be a professional welder.

Barry Campbell

I live on a rural property in Canada and am trying to be less reliant on external inputs I am not sure yet what is needed in the project or what I can commit.

Joe Williams

I have a Master's in Mechanical Engineering. Work experience focused on electromechanical systems, controls & instrumentation, advanced engines and engineering management. I'm a skilled CAD operator, design reviewer, and project manager. Right now I could offer only an hour or two per week, but more in the future.

Giovanni Marco Zaccaria

I spend my spare time traveling for eco-communities and eco-villages, forging human relationships. at the time I carry out the role of technical coordinator for OSE Italy. Also I carry out dissemination activities between Italy and Spain I plan to apply for a Master degree in Environment Technologies I am in contact with the team behind Arduino.

Ben Millstein

a board member of a remote recycling operation I'm inspired by what you do and hope to become involved as my time becomes more available.

Stefan Ludwig

I think contacting people around the world to spread the information Me personally building electronics myself with a PCB-mill, industrial robots building cheap houses. translating the basic description of what OSE is doing to inform the german speaking central europe about OSE

Benjamin Timby

I could seriously see myself building a few implements using this site in the next 5 years. I was trained as a bicycle mechanic at Bike Against Collective...and have since then obtained ASE certification and have built many of my own implements. Research and possibly build and document a prototype MIG welder

Jack Taylor

am very excited to start working on some of the projects. I know welding, electronics, a little programming, permaculture

Giora Pasca

I am doing my share of letting people know about it. I am sales person, or consultant, in the solar PV industry in Southern CA I have a degree in Biology.


I am a Mechanical Engineer and am currently interested in the power of steam to do work. producing a viable biomass energy production unit has me chomping at the bit. I am a fairly good researcher and manufacturer, at this time my problem is time.


Establish a project demonstration site in Athens OH. Draft an Open Source Ecology – Athens OH project plan for the time frame 04/01/12 to 04/01/12 I have some group and project management experiences

Jake Smith

I have a small farm. It needs a lot of work. I have some goats and plant a field I'm a pharmacist that wishes to be more of a farmer, or at least become self sufficient.

Steven Biles

I have worked for the last five years as an engineering consultant specializing in Pipeline Integrity Management. I would like to make my family more self-reliant and sustainable I have 5 years experience in engineering, some programming and database skill, and project management experience. I could volunteer 10-20 hours per week." "I'm particularly interested in the solar collector.

Cynthia Cowgill



Dan Chay

I have been actively making referrals to this project, and will continue to do so.

Mark Axhorn

I'm willing commit time and energy for this great cause. I have a background in the Visual Arts and Social Work. I've taking 3 yrs of University Business courses and graduated with a degree in Human Behaviour. I went to University on a Football scholarship and graduated with a BA in Sociology. I then did a 2 yr internship in Aboriginal Visual Arts Administration at The Banff Centre of Continuing Education, where I was also an artist in residence...I have worked over 12 years in the security & bar industry the vast majority of it being stage security for live venues and large outdoor events. I worked several years for the province of Nova Scotia as an income assistance (welfare) case manager with transient (homeless males). I am currently working as an Employment Services Case manager with the Province. I have had many jobs such as short stints in the oil field, dock yards and mud jacking I maybe able to visit the project site on a Arts Grant.

jim daniels

160 acre farm close to you. wife retired attorney started areas first csa 4 years ago now have industrial grade greenhouse,using susainable ag. we are converting land from row crop back to natural habitat ,vegies etc I teach at SIU school of medicine (background in rural family med,public health) currently wotrk at office with medical home model I have public speaking skills and some mechanical skills we already have built a few structures on the farm but idea is to eventually link up with local university to act as an"" incubator"" site for sustainable ag [my wife] is president of WISAS western Illinois sustainable ag society I have written grants for medical education (500,ooo) there are some full time grant writers in our area though who have gotten good results...our community just recieved onof the big Kroc grants to build a large commuinty center

Jozef Trubac

I worked so far 4 years like system administrator. my skills are covering network, servers and clients configuration, management, monitoring, troubleshooting and optimizing. I am not a programmer but I can script some things.

Frederick Wibe

I'm willing to commit my time to this project by creating a short film I've worked 5 years in the Swedish movie industry I am a skilled director, editor and a screenplay writer. I'm currently 3 month from completing my medical studies As a volunteer a could commit maybe 1-2 hours per day. For pay I could commit full-time for a limited period.

Joel Kennington

I can also I draw in sketchup and can help. Multicutural and multilingual Redraw for documentation. Work on a concrete mixer.

Evan Bell

I work as a web analyst and project manager Would like to come do a dedicated project visit in the spring or summer of 2013 potentially

Sandra Hunt

I am a teacher who specializes in working with children not covered by current education systems due to language learning problems.

Phil Koontz

Might try to work up something similar to the micro-tractor, starting from a 13 hp hydraulic system I have on a log splitter. Our family has a multi-generation community coming along, harvesting trees, milling our own lumber and building with logs. I have a decent little machine shop, my son has the auto mechanic shop, and we both do woodworking with hand tools. My daughter in law keeps chickens and has a small truck farm in progress. I'm closely involved in a local biomass district heating and CHP (combined heat and power) project to provide heat for our local boarding school and possibly power for the local electrical utililty.

Zoltan Farkas

Willing to commit: actual field tests on my own land, translations of knowledge base to/from English/Hungarian, any IT related help, evangelization Experience: my own experiments on poultry, fruits, horses IT skills - I'm in the process of setting up a Hungarian OSE-like portal I have my own piece of land dedicated to this purpose, have a small team of various professionals (vet, agr. engineer, two experts on herbs and bio-pesticides, a good mechanic, etc), all actually working on OSE related topics I'm interested in automation of various agricultural processes, such as irrigation, feeding (poultry), etc, all with embedded, open source systems. If needed I can help with generic IT issues as well.

Raymond Belec

I am a general machinist with 25 years experience. I work as a cnc programmer/machinist with a mining equipment manufacturer. I also have a home based tool and die shop. I own a lathe, milling machine,surface grinder and metal casting and heat treating oven. I would like to build parts and machines for GVCS.

Wesley Bruce

Many years studying renewables and Cold Fusion, including a Bachelor of Science sustainable development, industrial ecology, and Sustainable agriculture, Permaculture certificate.

Brandin Watson

I am currently studying manufacturing engineering in school I have experience with water well drilling and so I am particularly interested in that project and could probably already do a lot of the design engineering. I am currently starting up a hackerspace and I want to have a strong fabrication and machining element. I could could work over the summers for a stipend that is enough to pay the bills.

Kurt Belser

I am a beginning farmer. I plan on growing nuts in a silvopasture system with a couple other folks who are focusing on other products (i.e. medicinal herbs, goats, chickens, pigs, etc...). We have received a grant (another pending) to research on farm processing of such products. Although it is attuned to nut processing I work closely with other farmers and producers who have found this research applicable or useful. I, and my collective will be actively farming for a living which gives us a unique perspective in the community. I have written many grants, of which I received my first this past year and am waiting on another. We represent a wide range of expertise (i.e. welding, computer skills and repair, construction, carpentry, plant management, permaculture, animal husbandry, teaching, grant writing, etc...)