Comparison of Existing DIY and/or Open Source Robotic Actuators

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  • In mid to late 2021 there has been an explosion of people designing gearboxes for and/or entire all in one actuators for things such as Quadruped Robots , or Robotic Arms
  • Many of these are just "DIY" / unknowingly open source, but some are full on open source
  • Thus this page will attempt to organize and compare all the various designs out there

Temporary Trashcan


James Bruton

Levi Jansen


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  • Redundancy Waste (granted they are all good designs (and having more than one design, in case one fails and thus you need a backup etc), but the sheer amount, when if all those people worked on like 5 designs, then moved on to other OSHW ...) (maybe just my "hot take" lol)

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