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  • This is a page outlining what makes a "complete page:
  • This is not complete as in sealed/not editable, but instead "whole" as in not half done, or missing parts
  • If this is not done, but is intended to be temporary mark the page for completion late via the "Category;Incomplete Page tag
  • Complete Pages Should Have:
  1. An intro / basics / preface section  ; essentially an abstract for the page/a tldr
  2. An "Internal Links" section, even if empty, makes relevant liks easy to find, making Orphan Pages less likely
  3. An "External Links" same as internal links but for non-osewiki websites
    1. Wikipedia also has a dedicated "references" section, but this may not be needed for OSE yet, as citations are not common/required, and something like " as said in [rnnjro.c-o-m This Source] " or "according to [jiwrekrggig. c - o - m This Whitepaper] etc, works fine as of now (outside of more formal/long pages perhaps with many references)
    2. Also it is not critical all external links on the page are posted here, that is the end goal, but simply having the page, even if empty, is useful on it's own
  4. At leasts one relevant category ( User:Eric needs to use these more ) (or at least "incomplete page" , "Trashcan" , or "Testing Page" so as to make the purpose more clear for other users
  • This all also prevents other users from misunderstanding the purpose of a page and "messing it up" due to the basics section, and categoty tags making it clear what the page is for, even with no other communication
  • The "End Goal" for a page (ie more than the above template, if even needed) should be one of the OSE Page Templates

Internal Links

External Links