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More About Concrete


  • $4700 foundation - 720 sf . $1800 in concrete cost at $150/yd.
  • VIdeo series shows all costs, including land. This is good documentation.
  • Whole house was $100k including land.

800 SF - $6k Slab on Grade

Migraine Craftsman

See the transparency of cost - guy sells houses for about $130k, and discloses his costs and motivations. This one is 720 sf, so assume others are same size? Land here was $14k - 1/4 acre lot which is hard to find as people want larger lots.

Rough Plumbing - $4900. First inspection goes up to pressurized pipe. Second inspection is with vapor barrier.

$6.2 sf foundation - over $4680k - $150 yd/ for 12 yards - $1800. Rebar etc in previous episode. 1 hour for pour.

Start with rakes. Get some muck boots.

Then floats, and then power float.

Goal is $100k for the whole house inluding land.

Triple pane windows from Home Depot.

Trusses would have been $1500, but his guy said he could do it $400 cheaper.

$21k for framing and sheathing and felt paper on roof.

$1200 for shingles, 720 sf house. $2000 for overall roof. Which is cheaper than replacing a roof - because of disassembly first. 2:45 hours for roof job!


  • $2700 for windows - triple pane for noise. 11 windows.

  • $4100 for trim, siding (hardyboard siding), soffit.


$5100 - temp power, final wiring, receptacles, lights. Notes: the less people doing trades, the more expensive builds are.



Drywall - $3026. Most cost is labor.

720 sf. Cost to build and sell price.


$200 + labor. $60 for paint, but with contractor pricing, $35.


$1000 for 720 sf.

Comment: This is one of the very few items in construction where you can get a cheap product that can check all the boxes. Durable - check Waterproof - check Pet friendly - check Economical - check DIY Install - check Looks good - check


  • $2700 driveway, $1400 in labor. No rebar in driveway. 10' by 40' driveway. One rebar at flare, see towards end of video.
  • Can be $100k for electricity, water, sewer and permits if you are close to a city.
  • Water is the most expensive. Septic second. Electric is easy.


  • $300. Block spaced an inch apart, grass seed, bales, marble chips.