Concurrent Engineering

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Concurrent engineering is a work methodology based on the parallelisation of tasks (i.e. performing tasks concurrently), which is sometimes called Simultaneous Engineering or Integrated Product Development (IPD). It refers to an approach used in product development in which functions of design engineering, manufacturing engineering and other functions are integrated to reduce the elapsed time required to bring a new product to the market. - Wikipedia

Concurrent Engineering vs. Waterfall


OSE Development

A detailed version of the concurrent engineering cycle above is OSE's current development of a Test-Driven Design protocol:


Seminal work on concurrent engineering. From Wikipedia - [1]:

Ma, Y., Chen, G. & Thimm, G.; "Paradigm Shift: Unified and Associative Feature-based Concurrent Engineering and Collaborative Engineering", Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, DOI 10.1007/s10845-008-0128-y