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Your comments or questions are welcome! The point of contact is info at opensourceecology dot org.

Discussion Forum

  • You are encouraged to post your questions, ideas or suggestions on our discussion forum.
  • Doing so will ensure that many people will read it and you'll have the chance to exchange ideas and experiences to help each other.
  • Please read the Vanilla Forums page to learn more

Sharing information

  • If you have some valuable information to share, you may want to add it to our wiki.
  • See the wiki instructions page to learn how.

Want to replicate a machine or help your community?

Then please consider discussing your ideas on our replication forum category. Perhaps you can find others who have the same intention living in the same country or city as you.

Don't have time to build yourself?

  • Our tools are open, so you can simply build them yourself, using the open source instructions we provide for free.
  • But if you don't have the time to build them, you also have the option to buy them instead.

See Also

You need to build a small truck that uses hydraulic compressed energy.