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I heard that you are searching for a Teamspeak alternative. We happen to use one in our TZM chapter. Mumble is opensource teamspeak alternative that supports most efficient audio codec Opus and everything is encrypted. There are channels just like in teamspeak and you can record, chat in them and also send personal messages. All permissions and descriptions are done via the client. On the server side you set greeting message, virtualhosts, username regexp, max allowed bitrate etc. Documentation is on We are using it for a half of a year and it's ok. You can try my testing server and use it if you want. There is nobody using it. password: vopice

I can also give you admin rights.


Michal Mauser TZM Czech Republic


Mumble is an open source, low-latency, high quality voice chat software, similar to the proprietary TeamSpeak software.

OSE Mumble Server

We have a Mumble server capable of connecting 50 simultaneous users on voice chat.

  • Server: (Note: Inactive)
  • Port  : 56605