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Contract - Open Source Ecology - Aaron Makaruk.pdf



Resource Development Contract Between Open Source Ecology and Aaron Makaruk


The following is an agreement between Open Source Ecology, its principal representative, Dr. Marcin Jakubowski, and Aaron Makaruk.


Open Source Ecology, its fiscal sponsor or agent, along with its principal representative Marcin Jakubowski agree to retain the services of Aaron Makaruk for the purpose of soliciting grants, donations and other funds necessary for the growth of the Open Source Ecology program until such time that either or both parties agree that such services are no longer necessary or in the best interest of either party. This agreement is non-exclusive, in that OSE or Aaron may work with other individuals and groups on fundraising issues.


Furthermore, Open Source Ecology, its fiscal sponsor or agent, along with its principal representative Marcin Jakubowski agree to extend to Aaron Makaruk the right to act as a representative of Open Source Ecology for the sole purpose of soliciting grants, donations or other funds.


Furthermore, Open Source Ecology, its fiscal sponsor or agent, along with its principal representative Marcin Jakubowski agree to work with Aaron Makaruk on an independent contractor basis, with pay structure based on successful fundraising. For services rendered as discussed in the Specific Terms below.


Furthermore, it is understood and agreed that:


1.                  This agreement is personal between the aforementioned concerned parties;

2.                  No amendment or addition to this agreement shall be made unless made in writing and executed by the parties;

3.                  This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the United States of America;

4.                  Neither party shall be liable for any breach of any term of this agreement that is the result of any clause beyond the reasonable control of the party in breach;

5.                  Any notice to be served on any of the parties shall be sent electronically or in writing by certified mail and shall be deemed to have been received within 72 hours of posting or 72 hours if sent by electronic (email) or facsimile transmission to the correct number or electronic mail address of the addressee.


Specific Terms:


1.                   Aaron Makaruk is responsible for Securing Funds. 'Securing Funds' is defined as the completion of the entire process from research, contacting, grant writing, up to delivery of funds to bank account xxx

2.                   Aaron shall be paid for fundraising services rendered as an independent contractor. Payment shall be contingent upon Securing Funds.

3.                  Payment shall be rendered on any grant, donation or fund amount successfully raised by Jerome Knapp, on behalf of Open Source Ecology - to be paid within 90 days of receipt of said grant. Receipt of funds is marked upon the date of receipt of funds at the Terra/OSE account at the SESLOC Federal Credit Union, and the amount of funds is the exact amount that enters the Terra/OSE account.

4.                   Reward structure is 10% of the net total raised, unless limited otherwise by specific conditions of a given funding source, up to $60k/year, with bonus of $20k more upon Securing Funds of $1.2M/year for a total of $80k.

5.                   Reward bonus further includes 3% on any funds secured above $1.2M.

6.                  Aaron produce a fundraising milestone plan published at Aaron Fundraising Milestone Plan on the wiki. See also Rollout Plan.

7.                  All monies secured logged on Aaron Log on the wiki. Updating of your log on a regular basis (at least once a week, hopefully every day if you are working on it every day)

8.                  Compliance with OSE transparency procedures to facilitate assessment of progress and allocation of funds in Rollout Plan: logging all funds secured and work done at Aaron Log, filling out the Team Culturing Survey including picture and brief introductory video (placed automatically at wiki page) plus OSE Resource Development Strategy documentation on our wiki. See sample - Log. See Instructions for questions on wiki edits.

9.                  All documents shall be posted on the OSE Wiki for transparency, both as a file upload and as HTML embedded on the corresponding wiki page. See Kauffman Proposal as an example. Documents include copies of grant applications and paperwork, other submissions to funding organizations, and this contract

10.               Aaron agrees to publish this contract agreement on the OSE wiki (minus bank information)

11.               Aaron agrees to promote the values of Open Source Ecology, and to not misrepresent its intent and direction.






Signature 1: __________________________________________________ Date:

Marcin Jakubowski, PhD




Signature 2: __________________________________________________ Date:

Aaron Makaruk