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Recent contributions, based on active projects, can be organized across the GVCS project by logging in a spreadsheet. With many concurrent projects, it becomes difficult to track progress. In 2015, the focus shifts from the 50 machines to the underlying modules, and thus, a large number of submodules - perhaps 500-1000. In order for this process to be scalable to an unlimited number of projects or modules, the spreadsheet can be parsed for a given hashtag. Therefore, the key to organizing an infinitely scalable project would be to use a certain hashtag, such as #gasifier and #ButterflyValve, with syntax being no space and capitals after the omitted space. It is critical for each project to keep clear track of hashtags.

Parsing can be done within Google Docs, or the doc can be parsed externally via a script that is run within a wiki page.

For proper hashtagging, the Roadmap needs to list GVCS machine hash tags, which should be identical to the machine names on the Main Website, and 10x more submodule tags that span the entire project.


To receive attribution, please spend 20 seconds logging your contribution in our form. Top Contributors will be given special recognition at the end of the year.

This needs to be updated to have a pull-down of machines and modules


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