Coordination Between the Trades

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In a house build, all things must be planned out. So that there are no conflicts between the trades. Here are cases of pitfalls when people fail to coordinate - and these details must be made specific to the builders. Ie, up front for the OSE Seed Eco-Home- we say:

"Do not build like you think it should be built or like you have built before. Build it exactly as we specify. Do not make any changes whatsoever unless you have reviewed our design documents and and understand our design rationales in detail. Our design is custom, and if you don't build according to our very specific plans, significant delays and rework will have to be done. Note that every single detail is considered, planned, and designed to optimize materials, to reduce build time, to minimize cost, to allow at least 24 people to work in parallel, and to simplify the build procedure so that even novices can do it. This constitutes a significant amount of overlay upon what normally would be straightforward build tasks. It does not mean that our build tasks are not straightforward - they are actually easier than industry standard because of the pre-planned coordination and optimization. If you make any changes, the error will propagate to subsequent steps, with a cascade of changes that completely throws off the schedule. Remember that the entire design is planned out completely in detail - and we are using advanced design throughout - 'advanced' referring to simplified and integrated with the whole build process in mind. This is not a normal house - this is a house that will change the world. If you propose to make any changes - you will be expected first to make your case to the build manager as to how your propose change does not interfere with the 16 other trades involved. In other words, you will have to make your decision based on a complete understanding of the build - which means that you would be qualified to be the build manager yourself, in which case a discussion is needed on your advancement within the organization.

-So tell me - as a builder - what will you not do?

-I will not build it like I usually do.

-And what WILL you do?

-I will follow your written plans and instructions.