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Mon Apr 10, 2017

possible KS Update:

We are announcing a major point of clarity for the evolution of OBI. We have decided that the next build will focus on a product release, as opposed to continuation of experimental design-build. This means we are designing a model that can be replicated on a widespread scale.

This means that we are stripping any features that cannot be replicated or adopted widely or easily around the world. This means that we are:

  1. Simplifying the foundation so that minimal or no earthworks are required for site preparation, and minimum amount of concrete is used.
  1. Focusing on lumber construction instead of CEBs, because most countries around the world do not have any place where you can buy CEBs, and our CEB machine has not yet diffused far enough to cover this gap
  2. Retaining and maximizing eco-features such as off-grid solar power, rainwater catchment, and open source hydronic heating

The advantages are 4-fold:

  1. This gets us to a product release with a minimum viable product. Distributive Enterprise development can thus begin, providing positive economic feedback loops to our open source product development process. This is consistent with our philosophy - we say that if you are not embarased by your first product release, you have waited too long.
  2. Allows us to perfect existing systems
  3. Allows us to meet great market need for low-cost, eco-housing
  4. We can spend more energy on optimizing machines for non-CEB construction: tractor, sawmill, 3D printer.

(or an outsider this may not make much sense. People don't have a good notion of where we are so we must clarify where we are and what we mean by product release stage. So we may want to flesh that out more in the text)