Core Cross-Training Competencies

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The core cross-skilling of all FeF participants includes:

  • Basic fabrication (weld, torch, mill, lathe)
  • Basic CAD design (Google Sketchup, QCad)
  • Video capture and editing (Cinelerra, KdenLive, realtime smartphone uploads)
  • Basic Vector and Raster image manipulation (Inkscape, Gimp)
  • Agriculture plantout and other growing techniques (food production)
  • Semantic web publishing (instructionals (Booktype, Connexions)

Advanced skills include:

  • Advanced CAD (Professional 3D CAD with Exploded Part Diagrams, Fabrication Drawings with Materials Specifications)
    • Features available and desired for OSE development
  • CAM - basic principles and implementation pathways (realtime OS, pre-programmed instructions, platforms available, software)
  • Heavy equipment operation (agriculture, construction)
  • Basic house design (construction)
  • Interior design (My Sweet Home)
  • Site surveying (elevation, sun, wind, soil)